10 August Current Affairs Quiz

Where did Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurate the National Sanitation Center in August 2020 ?

 1)   Shanti Van
 2)   Kisan Ghat
 3)   Samta Sthal
 4)   Raj Ghat

Who has recently written a book titled 'Making Sense of Indian Democracy' ?

 1)   Rajeev Maharishi
 2)   Satyapal Joshi
 3)   Yogendra Yadav
 4)   None of these

Who is the author of a book called Amazing Ayodhya ?

 1)   Neena Rai
 2)   Ashwin sanghi
 3)   Anuja Chauhan
 4)   Amish Tripathi

Where will India's first snow leopard conservation center be opened recently ?

 1)   Uttarakhand
 2)   Maharashtra
 3)   West Bengal
 4)   None of these

Who has been appointed Prime Minister of Sri Lanka for the fourth time ?

 1)   Mahindra Rajapaksa
 2)   Gotabaye Rajapaksa
 3)    Maithripala Sirisena
 4)   Ranil vikram

Which state has received international approval in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural disaster operations ?

 1)   Maharashtra
 2)   Kerala
 3)   Karnataka
 4)   Odisha

Who among the following has been appointed Inspector General (IG) of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) ?

 1)   Shri Satya Narayan Pradhan
 2)   P.S Ranpise
 3)   Rajeev Chopra
 4)   Surjeet Singh Deswal

Who is the chairman of the committee constituted to suggest financial parameters for the resolution of stressed assets related to Covid-19 ?

 1)   K. K. Kamath
 2)   N. Narasimham
 3)   K. V. Kamath
 4)   None of these

Which organization has recently banned the organization of Russia, China and North Korea due to cyber attacks ?

 1)   UNESCO
 2)   Asean
 3)   European Union
 4)   None of these

Recently LIC has acquired 4.23% shares of which bank ?

 1)   IDBI Bank
 2)   HDFC Bank
 3)   Yes Bank
 4)   None of these