4 August Current Affairs Quiz

Who has recently been appointed the CEO of Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover ?

 1)   Thierry Bollor
 2)   Mahendra Joshi
 3)   Matthew seal
 4)   None of these

Recently which state has adopted a new method of aerial seeding to sow seeds on the Aravalli hills ?

 1)   Haryana
 2)   Delhi
 3)   Rajasthan
 4)   None of these

Recently, scientists of which country have discovered active volcanoes on Venus ?

 1)   Switzerland
 2)   Japan
 3)   America
 4)   None of these

Recently Jin Likune has been re-elected as the President of which international financial institution ?

 1)   World bank
 2)   ADB
 3)   AIIB
 4)   None of these

Who has recently won the British Grand Prix 2020 ?

 1)   Lewis Hamilton
 2)   Walteri Bottas
 3)   Max Verstappen
 4)   None of these

Recently the hills of Thudiyurulippara have been given the status of biodiversity heritage site in which state ?

 1)   Kerala
 2)   Karnataka
 3)   Tamil Nadu
 4)   None of these

Recently a book titled Greenlights has been written, who is its author ?

 1)   Satish Chandra Shah
 2)   Matthew McConaghy
 3)   David hoss
 4)   None of these

Who among the following has written a book titled 'Quest for Restoring Financial Stability' in India ?

 1)   Viral V Acharya
 2)   R Gandhi
 3)   Raghuram Rajan
 4)   SK Jain

Recently which country became the first Arab country to start the nuclear power plant ?

 1)   UAE
 2)   Saudi Arab
 3)   Iraq
 4)   None of these