1 August Current Affairs Quiz

The world's largest nuclear fusion project is being set up in which country ?

 1)   United States
 2)   France
 3)   United Kingdom
 4)   China

Who has been awarded the Life Time Excellence Award for 2020 at the National Awards for Excellence in Earth System Sciences by the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoOSE) ?

 1)   Prof. Puneet sridhar
 2)   Prof. Ashok sahni
 3)   Prof. M Ravichandran
 4)   Prof. Indra shekhar sen

Who has recently launched personal UPI payment link mpay.me ?

 1)   Mobikwik
 2)   Phone pe
 3)   Google Pay
 4)   None of these

Which state / Union Territory has been launched by Pawan Hans in the first helicopter service under UDAN-RCS scheme ?

 1)   Uttarakhand
 2)   Himachal Pradesh
 3)   Arunachal Pradesh
 4)   Jammu and Kashmir

Recently the new Supreme Court building of which country has been inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi ?

 1)   Mauritius
 2)   Singapore
 3)   Bhutan
 4)   None of these

NASA has sent a helicopter with a rover to Mars for its first mission ?

 1)   Tianwen-1
 2)   Hope
 3)   Tianwen-1
 4)   Perseverance

Which PSU has signed an agreement with IIT-Kanpur to promote training, research and entrepreneurship development in smart grid technology ?

 1)    PFC
 2)    NTPC
 3)   NHPC
 4)   PGCIL

Who has been appointed the new private secretary of Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently ?

 1)    K Murali Raju
 2)   Hardik Satish Chandra Shah
 3)   A.K Mishra
 4)   None of these