15 August Current Affairs

Which two countries have a historic peace agreement in August 2020 ?


 a.  Israel and United Arab Emirates

 b.  Israel and Lebanon

 c.  Israel and Iran

 d.  Israel and Sudan


 Ans = A


Transparent Taxation - Honoring the Honest , The platform has been launched by ?


 a.  Nirmala Sitharaman

 b.  Piyush Goyal

 c.  Rajnath Singh

 d.  Narendra Modi


 Ans = D


Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha launched the Coffee Table Book of Districts and Departments in which district of Jammu and Kashmir ?


 a.  Gulmarg

 b.  Srinagar

 c.  Kupwara

 d.  None of these


 Ans = B


On which day is World Organ Donation Day celebrated ?


 a.  11 August

 b.  12 August

 c.  13 August

 d.  14 August


 Ans = C


India offered USD 1 million in financial aid to which of the following countries to counter COVID-19 ?


 a.  Antigua and barbuda

 b.  Barbados

 c.  Maldives

 d.  None of these


 Ans = A


Which country has successfully tested the "Arrow-2" interceptor ballistic missile in August 2020 ?


 a.  Israel

 b.  America

 c.  Japan

 d.  India


 Ans = A


The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has recently released the ranking of states under which scheme ?


 a.  Amrit Yojana

 b.  Ujjwala scheme

 c.  Jan Dhan Yojna

 d.  Home country scheme


 Ans = A


Recently who became the new non-executive chairman of 'Indiabulls Housing Finance' ?


 a.  S.S Mundra

 b.  Pramod Bhasin

 c.  Soma Mondal

 d.  None of these


 Ans = A


Which book of Radha Bhatia has recently been awarded the International Cook Book Award ?


 a.  Treasure of food

 b.  my treasure

 c.  Lassi

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


Recently who has announced to organize the Fit India Freedom Run ?


 a.  Ministry of Defence

 b.  Ministry of Sports

 c.  Ministry of Education

 d.  None of these


 Ans = B