13 July Current Affairs



The first country in the world to announce the establishment of Fish Cryobank ?

 Answer = India.



Which country's Boeing company has completed the contract to deliver 37 military helicopters to India?

Answer = America.

  •  It has 22 AH-64-E Apache helicopters.

  •  The 15 CH-47 is a Chinook helicopter.



Who has won the first prize of UNIFIL's Annual Environment Award 2020?

Answer = UNIFIL's Indian Battalion (IND BATT)

  • UNIFIL  headquarters is in Lebanon.



On which day is World Malala Day celebrated?

Answer = 12 July.



Which ministry has recently released the first 5 rites of the Mongolian Kanjur manuscript ?

Answer = Ministry of Culture.



Who has been appointed acting President of Hockey India?

Answer = Gyanendro Ningmom.



The fourth edition of the All India Tiger Estimation set the Guinness World Record for the world's largest camera trap wildlife survey In which year was the fourth cycle of the survey conducted ?

Answer = 2018.

  •  In this, cameras were installed at 26760 places.

  •  Union Minister of Environment is Prakash Javadekar.



According to the National Tiger Conservation Authority 2018-19 data, what is the number of tigers in India?

Answer = 2967.



Who is the author of the biography His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama: An illustrated biography?

Answer = Tenzin Geich.



The report titled Global Animal Decadal Climate Update for 2020-2024 has been released by

Answer = WMO.

  •  WMO (World Meteorological Organization).

  •  WMo Headquarters is in Geneva Switzerland.