2 August Current Affairs

Which bank has recently launched a campaign named 'Kona Kona Umeed' ?


 a.  Axis Bank

 b.  Yes Bank

 c.  Kotak Mahindra Bank

 d.  ICICI Bank


 Ans = C


Hamed Bakayoko has been appointed the Prime Minister of which country ?


 a.  Mali

 b. Ghana

 c.  Ivory Coast

 d.  Kenya


 Ans = C


Recently SN Rajeshwari has been appointed the CMD of which insurance company ?

 a.  LIC

 b.  Oriental insurance

 c.  United India Insurance

 d.  None of these


 Ans = B


Which country has chaired the sixth meeting of BRICS Environment Ministers recently ?


 a.  Brazil

 b.  China

 c.  Russia

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


The Skoch Gold Award has been conferred to which Indian ministry ?


 a.  Ministry of Human Resources and Development

 b.  Ministry of Tribal Affairs

 c.  Women and Child Development

 d.  none of these


 Ans = B

  •  Union Minister for Tribal Affairs: Arjun Munda

  •  The 66th Skoch 2020 competition was held under the name "INDIA RESPONDS TO COVID THROUGH DIGITAL GOVERNANCE".


Which financial institution has launched MSME Saksham portal in collaboration with Transunion CIBIL ?



 b.  SIDBI


 d.  SEBI

 Ans = B


Who has been recently included in the National Sports Award Selection Committee 2020 ?


 a.  Sachin Tendulkar

 b.  Virendra Sehwag

 c.  Mahendra Singh Dhoni

 d.  None of these


 Ans = B


In which state has the 'Green Ag' project started recently ?


 a.  Uttar Pradesh

 b.  Gujarat

 c.  Mizoram

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


Which Indian-origin politician has recently been named the Leader of the Opposition for the first time in the history of Singapore ?


 a.  Mohan Lal

 b.  Pritam Singh

 c.  Rahul Tyagi

 d.  Vikram Sachdeva


 Ans = B


Indian Grandmaster, P. Harikrishna has got ____  place in "Biel International Chess Festival" .


 a.  First

 b.  Second

 c.  Third

 d.  Fourth


 Ans = B