5 July Current Affairs


Which country world number one badminton player Lynn Dann has announced his retirement ?  

Answer = China.



Which Indian American has been honored with the 2020 Great Immigrant Award?

Answer = Raj Chetty and Siddharth Mukherjee.

  • This honor has been given due to there contribution to the crisis of Covid-19.



Which Union Territory has started plantation campaign to save environment?

Answer = Delhi.



Recently how many kilometers long Sheshnag train has created a new record?

Answer = 2.8 km is long.

  • Four 600 horsepower engines have been installed to pull it.

  • There are a total of 251 wagons in this train, it has been run between Nagpur division to Korba.



The Global E-Waste Monitor 2020 has been released by ?

Answer = United Nation University.



According to Global E-Waste Monitor 2020, India is in which place ?

Answer = 3rd place.

  • China is on the first place and America on the second.



How many million tons of E-Waste has been dumped all over the world in the year 2019?

Answer = 53.6 million tonnes.



The Global Population Status 2020 report has been released by ?

Answer = United Nation Population Fund.



According to the State of World Population 2020 report, which place does India ranks among the number of missing women in the world ?

Answer = 2nd Place.

  • China is on 1st Place.



According to this report, what is the number of missing women in the world in the last 50 years ?

Answer = 14.26 crores.

  • 4.58 crore women have gone missing during the last 50 years in India.