24 July Current Affairs


Who has been appointed as MD and CEO of SBI General Insurance ?

 a.  PC Kandpal

 b.  Pushan Mohapatra

 c.  Ashwini Kumar Tiwari

 d.  None


 Ans = A


Which state government has recently included the transgender community under the Madhu Babu Pension Scheme?

 a.  Odisha

 b.  Telangana

 c.  Karnataka

 d.  Tamil Nadu


 Ans = A


Who has been awarded the 'Legend of Animation' award 2020 of Toonz Media Group?

 a. Arnab Choudhary

 b. Morrisana Coyette

 c. Mariana Verdinoynis

 d.  none


 Ans = A


Which state government has recently launched an initiative called 'Waste to energy'?

 a.  Bihar

 b.  Punjab

 c.  Jharkhand

 d.  Uttarakhand


 Ans = D


Famous Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has launched which app to help the workers?

 a.  Pravaasi Rojgar App

 b.  Sood Rojgar App

 c.  Friend Rojgar app

 d.  Hamsathi Rojgar App


 Ans = A


According to a report by Refugee International, how many people have lost their habitat in the corona epidemic?

 a.  25 crores

 b.  16 crores

 c.  200 million

 d.  35 crores


 Ans = B


By what name did South Korea launch its first military communication satellite?

 a.  Glonass

 b.  Anasis

 c.  GSAT

 d.  none


 Ans = B

  •  South Korea launched its first military communications satellite, the Army / Navy / Air Force Satellite Information System-2 (ANASIS-I).

  •  The satellite was launched by the American space firm SpaceX using a Falcon 9 rocket.