19 July Current Affairs


1) Recently Nelson Mandela International Day celebrated on ?


 a) 17 July


 b) 16 July


 C) 18 July


 d) none of these


 Ans = C



 2) Recently who has been appointed as the new MD & CEO of SBI Cards & Payment Services.


 a) Ritika Malhotra


 b) Ashini Kumar Tiwari.


 c) Roshni Nadar


 d) none of these


 Ans = B



 3) Recently India has tied up with which country to deal with cyber threats.


 a) America


 b) Israel


 c) Japan


 d) none of these


 Ans = B



 4) Recently in which state Smriti Van 'has been inaugurated?


 a) Haryana


 b) Madhya Pradesh


 c) Uttarakhand


 d.  None of these


 Ans = C



 5) Recently which IIT has developed a portable hospital called MediCAB.


 a) IIT Madras


 b) IIT Kanpur


 c) IIT Delhi


 d) none of these


 Ans = A