3 June Current Affairs

What is the name given by WHO to the Covid variant B.1.617.1 first found in India?


 a.  Alpha 

 b.  gamma

 c.  kappa

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


Which institute has launched India's first indigenous temperature data collection tool "AmbiTAG" ?


 a.  IIT Bombay

 b.  IIT Guwahati

 c.  IIT Madras

 d.  IIT-Ropar


 Ans = D


Which author has been awarded the Dublin Literary Award for the year 2021?


 a.  Gloria Smith

 b.  Alfre Knopf

 c.  Valeria Luiselli

 d.  Mike Schimt


 Ans = C


Who has been appointed as the new chairman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) ?


 a.  Arun Kumar Mishra

 b.  Bikram Jeet Singh

 c.  TV Narendran

 d.  Kuldeep Singh


 Ans = A


Which New Zealand player has been honored with the Kiwi Cricketer of the Year Award ?


 a.  Devon Conway

 b.  Kane Williamson

 c.  Ross Taylor

 d.  Kyle Jameson


 Ans = D


Who has been ranked first on Global Star in the Center for World University Rankings 2021-22 ?


 a.  Harvard University

 b.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 c.  Stanford University

 d.  University of Cambridge and Oxford University


 Ans = A


Which author has been awarded the International Business Book of the Year Award 2021?


 a.  Nitin Rakesh

 b.  Jerry Wind

 c.  Both a & b

 d.  Arundhati Roy


 Ans = C


Who has been appointed as the new President of Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) ?


 a.  Vikramjit Sen

 b.  Arun Kumar Mishra

 c.  TV Narendran

 d.  Kuldeep Singh


 Ans = A


Indian boxer Sanjeet Kumar has won a gold medal in which kg category in Asian Boxing Championship?


 a.  65 Kg

 b.  75 kg

 c.  91kg

 d.  none of these


 Ans = C