8 July Current Affairs

Where is Asia's largest solar plant with 750 MW capacity being built?

Answer = In Rewa, Madhya Pradesh.



Who has become the 66th Grand Master of India ?

Answer = G. Akash .

  • He is from Tamil Nadu.

  • The capital of Tamil Nadu is Chennai.

  • The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is Palaniswami.

  • And Rajpal is posted as Banwarilal Purohit.



Which bank has introduced a loan in the second service to provide instant approval of the loan ?

Answer = Yes Bank.



Who has won the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix 2020 title ?

Answer = Walter Botas.

  • He is a Mercedes racer and hails from a friend.

  • The capital of Australia is Vienna.



Which IIT has created a disinfection box named Unisaviour ? 

Answer = IIT Roorkee.



Who has been appointed as the first chairman of International Financial Service Center Authority- IFSCA ?

Answer = Injeeti Srinivas .

  • IFSCA was created by the Ministry of Finance on 27 April.

  • Its headquarters is in Gandhinagar Gujarat.



Which state's tourism board has started the campaign AapKa Intezaar ?

Answer = Madhya Pradesh.



Which country has launched a spy satellite named "OFEK 16"?

Answer = Israel.

  • The capital of Israel is Jerusalem.

  • the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu



What is the position of India in the Information Risk Index 2020?

Answer = 31st place.

  •  This report has been released by Informa, a research organization working under the European Union.



Which bank has launched an online interest auto loan scheme called Zip Drive? 

Answer = HDFC Bank.

  • Its headquarters is in Mumbai.

  • Currently its MD is Aditya Puri.