20 July Current Affairs


What is the position of India in the Global Manufacturing Risk Index 2020 ?

 A. First

 B. Others

 C. Third

 D. Fourth

 Ans = C



Which state government has decided to produce electricity from waste?

 A. Himachal Pradesh

 B. Haryana

 C. Uttar Pradesh

 D. Uttarakhand

 Ans = D



BCCI has been fined Rs 4800 crores for dropping which team from IPL?

 A. Rajasthan Royals

 B. Chennai Super Kings

 C. Pune Super Joint

 D. Deccan Charges

 Ans = D



Rose Christian Ossukka Raponda became the first woman Prime Minister of which country?

 A. Equatorial Guinea

 B. Republic of Congo

 C. Cameron

 D. Gabon

 Ans = D



In which country Masur with Tehreek-e-Taliban mastermind Noor has been declared as an international terrorist?

 A. Afghanistan

 B. Iran

 C. Pakistan

 D. Syria

 Ans = C.