5 August Current Affairs

Which company has started the second phase of the "More Together" campaign in India ?


 a.  Facebook

 b.  Google

 c.  Microsoft

 d.  Twitter


 Ans = A


Recently who has been awarded the Prem Bhatia Award for the Covid-19 effect and its coverage ?


 a.  Prateek Mittal

 b.  Dipankar Ghosh

 c.  Ajit jogi

 d.  None of these


 Ans = B


Recently which country's footballer announced his retirement from football ?


 a.  Brazil

 b.  Germany

 c.  France

 d.  None of these


 Ans = B


Who has been appointed the new MD & CEO of HDFC Bank ? 


 a.  Aditya puri

 b.  Shashidhar jagdishan

 c.  Prashant Prakash

 d.  none


 Ans = B


Which state has launched a mobile app named 'Sanjivan' in August 2020 ?


 a.  Uttar Pradesh

 b.  Madhya Pradesh

 c.  Kerala

 d.  Bihar


 Ans = D

Which country has decided to withdraw from the women's world team squash championship recently ?


 a.  China

 b.  India

 c.  Malaysia

 d.  None of these


 Ans = B


Which state government has recently announced to withhold the pension of those jailed during the Emergency of 1975-77 ?


 a.  Haryana

 b.  Rajasthan

 c.  Maharashtra

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


Who has recently taken over as Director General of AIR News ?


 a.  Vijay Goel

 b.  Mahendra Joshi

 c.  Jaideep Bhatnagar

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


 Who has recently launched the Khadi silk mask gift box ?


 a.  Dr. Harshvardhan Singh

 b.  Nitin Gadkari

 c.  Piyush Goyal

 d.  None of these


 Ans = B