29 July Current Affairs

Who has launched the "Dare to Dream 2.0" competition to inspire India's innovator and startup defense and aerospace technology ?


 a.  ISRO

 b.  DRDO


 d. HAL


 Ans = B


In what name has the Bureau of Indian Standards launched its new mobile app ?


 a.  BIS - Care

 b.  BIS-Shop

 c.  BIS - Sell

 d.  BIS - Point


 Ans = A

  • The BIS Care app will enable consumers to check the authenticity of ISI-Mark and Hallmark products as well as file complaints.

  • Director General of Bureau of Indian Standards: Pramod Kumar Tiwari.


Who has recently launched the "Mausam" app for weather forecasting ?


 a.  Dr. Harshvardhan

 b.  Piyush Goyal

 c. Ramesh Pokhriyal

 d.  Amit Shah


 Ans = A


Which country has launched the high-resolution mapping satellite (Ziyuan-ll) in July 2020 ?


 a.  North Korea

 b.  Israel

 c. China

 d.  Japan


 Ans = C


Which organization has signed a memorandum of understanding with TRIFED for Advanced India Campaign ?


 a. IIT Bangalore

 b. IIM Ahmedabad

 c. IIT Kanpur

 d. IIT Delhi


 Ans = D

  • TRIFED- The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India.

  • Works under TRIFED - Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

  • Unnav Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) works for transformational change in rural development.


World Nature Conservation Day (World Nature Conservation Day) is celebrated on which day?


 a.  26 july

 b.  27 July

 c.  28 July

 d.  29 July


 Ans = C


Which state has launched an employment portal named " Rozgaar Bazaar 2020 " ?


 a.  Uttar Pradesh

 b.  Haryana

 c. Punjab

 d.  Delhi


 Ans = D


Where will the world's largest solar power plant be set up recently ?


 a.  Paris

 b.  Ahmedabad

 c.  Abu Dhabi

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


Recently who has been appointed as the Governor of Madhya Pradesh ?


 a.  Acharya Devavrata

 b.  Kalraj Mishra

 c.  Anandiben Patel

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


On which day is World Hepatitis Day celebrated ?


 a.  26 July

 b.  27 July

 c.  28 July

 d.  None


 Ans = C