21 July Current Affairs

Which player has won the Hungarian Grand Prix 2020 Formula 1 Race ?

 a.  Max Verstappen

 b.  Walteri Bottas

 c.  Sebastian Vettel

 d.  Lewis Hamilton


 Ans = D


 International chess day is celebrated on which day ?

 a.  17 July

 b.  18 July

 c.  19 July

 d.  20 July


 Ans = D


CBSE has partnered with which company to include AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the high school curriculum of 2020-2021?

 a.  Facebook

 b.  IBM

 c.  Google

 d.  Microsoft


 Ans = B


The recently published novel "The Endgame" has been written by

 a. S Hussain Zaidi

 b. Amitabh Ghosh

 c. Amish Tripathi



 Ans = A


Who has been appointed as the personal secretary of the President of India Ram Nath Kovind ?

 a.  A.P.  Praveen Siddharth

 b.  Winnie Mahajan

 c.  Vidhu Nair

 d.  Ashok lavasa


 Ans = A


Which state has launched the 'Navin rojgar chhatri scheme' for Scheduled Castes ?

 a.  Madhya Pradesh

 b.  Rajasthan

 c.  Uttar Pradesh

 d.  Maharashtra


 Ans = C


India is classified in which of the following income groups in the world class country classification in the year 2020-2021 ?

 a.  Low income

 b.  Upper-middle income

 c.  Lower-middle income

 d.  High income


 Ans = C


In what name has the United Arab Emirates launched its first Mars mission ?

 a.  Hope

 b.  Super

 C. Mars-Hope

 d.  Ready


 Ans = A

  •  It was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.

  •  President of the UAE: Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

  •  UAE Capital: Abu Dhabi.

  •  Currency: United Arab Emirates Dirham.