7 August Current Affairs

Who has been appointed the new Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir ?


 a.  Girish Chandra Murmu

 b.  Manoj Sinha

 c.  Rajendra Prasad

 d.  None of these


 Ans = B


Which place is Reliance Industries Limited on the list of world's largest brand in the Future Brand Index 2020 ?


 a.  First

 b.  Second

 c.  Third

 d.  Fourth


 Ans = B


Who has been awarded the Impact Most Influential Woman Awards of the year 2020 ?


 a.  Kali Puri

 b.  Kala Narayanasamy

 c.  Kabita Devi

 d.  Sujatha Sridhar


Ans = A


Which place is India in Hurun Global Unicorn List 2020 ?


 a.  1st

 b.  2nd

 C. 3rd

 d.  4th


 Ans = D


William English, the co-inventor of the computer mouse, died recently.  Which country is he from ?


 a.  USA

 b.  Russia

 C. UK

 d.  Italy


 Ans = A


Which state has started the Cheyutha Scheme to empower women of minority castes ?


 a.  Telangana

 b.  Andra Pradesh

 c.  Kerala

 d.  Karnataka


 Ans = B


Under RBI's new gold loan rules, now the loan value on gold jewelery has been reduced to what percentage ?


 a.  75%

 b.  80%

 c.  85%

 d.  90%


 Ans = D


Where has the 'Bangas Awas Mela' been organized recently ?


 a.  Uttarakhand

 b.  Jammu Kashmir

 c.  West Bengal

 d.  None of these


 Ans = B


Recently Indian Airtel has tied up with Cloud Solutions ?


 a.  Facebook

 b.  Google

 c.  Amazon

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


On which day is Hiroshima Day celebrated ?


 a.  4 August

 b. 5 August

 c.  6 August

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C