17 Jun Current Affairs

What is the rank of India in the World Giving Index 2021?


 a.  12th

 b.  18th

 c.  14th

 d.  21th


 Ans = C


Which edition of "SIPRI Yearbook 2021" has been launched recently ?


 a.  45th

 b.  52nd

 c.  67th

 d.  25th


 Ans = B


In which state of India "Raj Mahotsav" is celebrated ?


 a.  Odisha

 b.  karnatak

 c.  Kerala

 d.  tamilnadu


 Ans = A


ASEAN Dengue Day is celebrated every year on which day ?


 a.  12 june

 b.  13 june

 c.  14 june

 d.  15 june


 Ans = D


Which state will confer "Bharat Ratna" and Padma awards from next year at its state level ?


 a.  Assam

 b.  Sikkim

 c.  Arunachal Pradesh

 d.  None of these


 Ans = A


Recently the report titled "Estimating the burden of foodborne diseases" has been released by ?


 a.  FAO

 b.  WHO

 c.  WWF

 d.  IMF


 Ans = B


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is observed annually on which day ?


 a.  june 12

 b.  june 13

 c.  june 14

 d.  june 15


 Ans = D


Where was the 47th "G7 Leaders" conference held recently ?


 a.  USA

 b.  France

 c.  UK

 d.  Canada


 Ans = C


Who has started an initiative called 'Report it, Don't share it!' ?


 a.  Twitter

 b.  Facebook

 c.  Google

 d.  None of these


 Ans = B