5 June Current Affairs

World Bicycle Day is celebrated on which day?


 a.  January 1

 b.  March 1

 c.  June 3

 d.  June 5


 Ans = C


Lt Gen Pradeep Chandran Nair has been appointed as the Director General of which paramilitary force of India?


 a.  Kerala Rifles

 b.  Gujarat Rifles

 c.  Delhi Rifles

 d.  Assam Rifles


 Ans = D


The US space agency NASA has announced that it will send two missions between 2028 and 2030 to which planet ?


 a.  Venus

 b.  Mars

 c.  Saturn

 d.  Mercury


 Ans = A


Which New Zealand batsman broke the 25-year-old record of former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly for the highest score in his Test debut at Lord's ?


 a.  Corey Anders

 b.  Devon Conway

 c.  Fin allen

 d.  Tom Latham


 Ans = B


Isaac Herzog has been made the President of which country?


 a.  Mongolia

 b.  Israel

 c.  Uzbekistan

 d.  Afghanistan


 Ans = B


According to the announcement of ICC, how many teams can participate in the year 2027 and 2031 Cricket World Cup ?


 a.  8

 b. 12

 c. 14

 d. 10


 Ans = C


Which edition of the Sustainable Development Goals Index has recently been released by the government think tank NITI Aayog ?


 a.  First

 b.  Third

 c.  Fifth

 d.  Fourth


 Ans = B


Which country has launched 'Mission Innovation Cleantech Exchange' ?


 a.  India

 b.  Nepal

 c.  Bangladesh

 d.  Sri Lanka


 Ans = A