28 June Current Affairs

Micro- Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day is observed annually on which day?


 a.  25 june

 b.  26 june

 c.  27 june

 d.  28 june


 Ans = C


In June 2021, Prakash Javadekar has launched "LiDAR Survey" for the forests of how many Indian states ?







 Ans = D


Who has been given the "Innovative Idea Award" under Smart City awards 2020 ?


 a.  Indore

 b.  Surat

 c.  Varanasi

 d.  Bangalore


 Ans = A


Reliance Jio has recently collaborated with which technology giant to provide 5G service ?


 a.  Apple

 b.  Microsoft

 c.  Google Cloud

 d.  Amazon


 Ans = C


With which country India has appointed "Tax Inspectors Without Borders (TIWB)" ?


 a.  Bhutan

 b.  Vietnam

 c.  Maldives

 d.  Thailand


 Ans = A


Which country has been ranked second in terms of achieving India's exports in FY 2021?


 a.  America

 b.  China

 C. Britain

 d.  Russia


 Ans = B


The first state in India to have its own "Genome Sequencing Lab"?


 a.  Rajasthan

 b.  Madhya Pradesh

 c.  Maharashtra

 d.  Uttarakhand


 Ans = A


Who has become the first country to support the International Solar Alliance Framework Agreement after a new amendment on 8 January 2021 ?


 a.  Portugal

 b.  Denmark

 c.  Myanmar

 d.  Philippines


 Ans = B