24 August Current Affairs

Who has recently launched a new initiative called The Anywhere School ?


 a.  Facebook

 b.  Amazon

 c.  Google

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


Indigenous Microprocessor Challenge - Innovate Solutions has been launched by ?


 a.  Narendra Modi

 b.  Ravi Shankar Prasad

 c.  Prakash Javadekar

 d.  Rajnath Singh


 Ans = B


Who is the author of the book My Years with Rajiv Gandhi Triumph and Tragedy ?


 a.  Wajahat Habibullah

 b.  Natwar Singh

 c.  Pranab Mukherjee

 d.  Shashi Tharoor


 Ans = A


Which country has discovered a large natural gas reserve off the Black Sea coast ?


 a. Israel

 b. Turkey

 c. Iran

 d. Iraq


 Ans = B


Which country has partnered with Uttar Pradesh to solve the Bundelkhand water crisis ?


 a.  Japan

 b.  America

 c.  Israel

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


Who has been awarded the ICC Hall of Fame 2020 title ?


 a.  Lisa Sthalekar

 b.  Zaheer abbas

 c.  Jack kallis

 d.  All of the above


 Ans = D


Which bank has launched a campaign called "Gig-a-Opportunities"?


 a.  AXIS Bank

 b.  ICICI Bank

 c.  HDFC Bank

 d.  IDBI Bank


 Ans = A


 About Axis Bank

  •  Establishment - 1993

  •  HQ - Mumbai, Maharashtra

  •  Chairman - Rakesh Makhija

  •  MD & CEO Amitabh Chaudhri


Recently India has launched a tripartite supply chain resilience initiative with Japan and which country ?


 a.  Bangladesh

 b.  Sri Lanka

 c.  Australia

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


Recently, Israel has launched the telephone service with which country for the first time ?


 a.  Turkey

 b.  Bahrain

 c.  UAE

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


When will the International Solar Alliance hold the World Solar Technology Summit for the first time ?


 a.  August 20, 2020

 b.  August 25, 2020

 c.  2 September 2020

 d.  8 September 2020


 Ans = D