14 August Current Affairs

Which city has become the first city in India to install a female symbol on traffic signals to promote gender equality ?


 a.  Lucknow

 b.  Pune

 c.  Bangalore

 d.  Mumbai


 Ans = D


The book 'Connecting Communicating Changing', launched recently, is based on whose tenure ?


 a.  Narendra Modi

 b.  Rajnath Singh

 c.  Pranab Mukherjee

 d.  Venkaiah Naidu


 Ans = D


Which of the following Indian-origin women has been elected by the American Democrats Party as the candidate for Vice President ?


 a.  Kamala Harris

 b.  Deepa Ambekar

 c.  Medha Raj

 d.  Archana Rao


 Ans = A


Who has recently become the new chairman of ICRIER ?


 a.  Pramod Bhasin

 b.  Prateek Joshi

 c.  Soma Mondal

 d.  None of these


 Ans = A

  • ICRIER - Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations.

  • H.Q - Delhi.


Which state government has recently launched the Arunodaya scheme ?


 a.  Manipur

 b.  Assam

 c.  Arunachal Pradesh

 d.  None of these


 Ans = B


Recently "India @ 75 Summit Mission 2022" was organized by ?


 a.  FSSAI


 c.  CII

 d.  SEBI


 Ans = C

  •  Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari addressed the summit.

  • Through this, the development of MSME will be promoted.

  •  CII- Confederation of Indian Industries (Confederation of Indian Industry)

  •  The Chairman of CII - Uday Kotak.

  •  The HQ of CII is in Delhi.


How many police officers have been awarded the Union Home Minister's Medal for Excellence in Inquiry for 2020 ?


 a.  85





 Ans = D


Which state's Moira Banana has got the GI tag recently ?


 a.  Andra Pradesh

 b.  Maharashtra

 c.  Goa

 d.  None of these


 Ans = C


Who has recently launched a feature called Positive Pay ?


 a.  SBI

 b.  RBI

 c.  SEBI

 d.  IRDA


 Ans = B

  •  RBI has announced the introduction of 'Positive Pay' facility for all checks valued at Rs 50,000 and above.


Hyderabad-based startup Skyroot has successfully tested the country's first private rocket engine. What is the name of this rocket engine ?


 a.  Raman

 b.  Rapid

 c.  Turbo

 d.  Super


 Ans = A