3 july Current Affairs



Question 1 = Which establishment day is celebrated by the State Bank of India on 1 July 2020 ?

Answer = 65th Foundation Day.

SBI head quarter is in Mumbai.

SBI was established on 1 July 1955.

Currently SBI chairman is Rajneesh Kumar.



Question 2 = Who has been made the next and permanent representative of India in the United Nations ?  

Answer = Indramani Pandey has been made the next permanent representative of India.



Question 3 = On which day World UFO Day is celebrated ?

Answer = UFO Day is celebrated on 2 July.

  • UFO full form is Unidentified Flying Object.



Question 3 = Who has been awarded the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2020 ?

Answer = Kritika Pandey has been awarded this award for “The Great Indian Tea and Snacks” .



Question 4 = Which project has been launched in Kerala for professionals returning from abroad and other states ?

Answer = Dream Kerala Projects.

  • Employment will be provided to these professionals under this project.

  • The Chief Minister of Kerala is Pinarayi Vijayan.

  • Governor  is  Arif Mohammad Khan.

  • The capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram.



Question 5 = Which country has recently appointed the first female Lieutenant General ?

Answer : Pakistan appointed Major General Nigar Johar as Lieutenant General.



Question 6 = The Global Education Monitoring Report has been released by ?

Answer = UNESCO.

  • UNESCO Full Form United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.

  • This is the fourth edition of this report.

  • The head quarter of UNESCO is in Paris France.



Question 7 = Who has been appointed the new chairman of Indian Oil Corporation ?

Answer = Srikanth Madhav Vaidya has been appointed the new chairman of Indian Oil Corporation.

  • Indian Oil Corporation head quarter is in New Delhi and was established in 1959.



Question 8 = Who has been appointed as the new Director (Finance) of Power Finance ?

Answer = Parminder Chopra.



Question 9 = Who has been awarded the Diana Award 2020 ?

Answer = Neeraj Murmu has been awarded the Diana Award 2020.

  • This award is given every year in memory of Princess Diana of Wales.